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Too early? No way, just in time!

Too early? No way, just in time!

Written by : Posted on November 6, 2020 : No Comments


Ladies, let’s talk Christmas decorating! I know I am jumping the gun, we must celebrate Thanksgiving first, but we will just call it planning. As most do, I love Christmas! The decorations, the festivities, the joy it brings… it is just a happy time! This weekend as I was decorating my house (in my head), it occurred to me that Studio 67 has a wide variety of Christmas designs that would go perfectly with my decorations. I proceed to show my husband these mats and tell him how I envision the room being decorated, and like a good supporting husband, he says “whatever makes you happy”. He’s a real charmer! 😉 So as your official “Washable Mat Hype Woman”, I am here to tell you, do what makes you happy! Buy those Christmas mats! Decorate your house! Do whatever brings you joy; you will not regret it! Not only are you adding pizzazz to your home, you are getting a bonus of functionality. Check out our washable Christmas mats, there are new ones you have yet to see. I guarantee at least one design will go perfect in your home! Happy shopping!

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