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Summer is here, let’s enjoy!

Summer is here, let’s enjoy!

Written by : Posted on June 19, 2020 : No Comments

This Saturday is the first day of summer, which means you have one day to finish your spring cleaning. ONE DAY! This is not a drill! Lucky for you, we have made it super easy. Let me break it down for you…

Step 1. Pick up your washable mat

Step 2. Place your mat into the washing machine

Step 3. Put your mat into your dryer

Step 4. Lay your mat back on the floor

Ta-Da! You are completely finished washing your mat… until next time! Seriously though, it is that simple. Our entire mat is completely machine washable and dry-able. We guarantee it. The nitrile rubber back is made for unlimited washes, without any cracking or peeling. The nylon top withstands the test of time and washes. As well as the color, it stays just as vibrant. So, any time a mess is made, don’t sweat it, just throw our washable mat in the washer.

Until next time, stay clean!



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