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Rose are red, some are pink, don’t let your mats stink!

Rose are red, some are pink, don’t let your mats stink!

Written by : Posted on February 12, 2021 : No Comments

You guys!!! It’s February! The month of love! I couldn’t even tell you why, but Valentine’s Day is easily one of my favorite holidays. We don’t play into the traditional flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinner. Heck, we don’t even go out and fight the crowd. If we are being honest, we stay home for dinner and our gift tradition is shoes! I mean who wouldn’t love shoes?? That is totally my love language! To celebrate this month of love, we are offering you 20% off any of our RED mats, including Ruby, Gingham and Red Cabana Stipes. Until the end of February, using the code LOVE. As much as I love my shoes, there is no better feeling than taking them off at the door and knowing the mat my feet touch is clean. Do not miss out on this opportunity to have the same feeling when you enter your home. Utilize our washability, you won’t regret it. Happy shopping, love bugs!

Until next time, stay clean!



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