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I’m a sucka for faux coir!

I’m a sucka for faux coir!

Written by : Posted on August 14, 2020 : No Comments

Social distancing has become the new norm, but let’s be honest… it puts a damper on your shopping experience. All the excitement shopping for new babies, graduations, new homes, or weddings are practically all done online. Which is convenient but you lose that personal touch on a lot of items. We want to tell you about our faux coir mats, available right at your fingertips. Our faux coir mats are a unique one-of-a-kind gift, that can be completely personalized by you. Our faux coir mat has a low pile and because they are synthetic, there is no shedding, making it suitable for all spaces. Also, easy to clean, just spray them off with your garden hose and place it back on your porch. That simple. Check out our designs, for any upcoming events you may have. Let us know which works best for you and we can ship it directly to the recipient, along with a personalized note. If you’re feeling extra giving, layer it with one of our beautiful designer mats (size medium pairs perfectly). I promise you; they will not be disappointed!

Enjoy free shipping on personalized mats until 8/31/20 with coupon code MYNAME

Until next time, stay clean!



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