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Let’s be fa-boo-lous!

Let’s be fa-boo-lous!

Written by : Posted on October 30, 2020 : No Comments

Halloween should be a “boo-tiful” holiday, where the scares come from ghost, ghouls, and goblins! Unfortunately, during this pandemic, the scares seem much larger. With many people contemplating trick or treating or the safest way to disperse candy, we know either way you will have heavy traffic on your porch. A lot of little gremlin feet or princess heels, all containing whatever they’ve picked up along their route, hitting your door mat. Wouldn’t it be less frightening if you knew you could pick up your door mat and wash all those invisible monsters away? I think we would all agree the answer is YES. Let us help wash away the dirt, rubbish, germs, and everything else that gets trapped at your door with our Studio 67 washable mats. They are simply Spooktacular! Use code: SCARE15 to get 15% off your mat purchase. No tricks, all treats… so keep those smelly feet to yourself! Happy scaring, I mean shopping!

Until next time, stay clean!



  *Pictured: Natural Loops


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