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Keep those germs at your door!

Keep those germs at your door!

Written by : Posted on April 24, 2020 : No Comments

How many of you have a shoe-free home? What is your reasoning? Do you have white carpet and do not want the stains? Do you have little ones crawling around, and you do not want the mess on the floor? Or are you highly aware of the number of germs that are on the bottom of your shoes and you do not want them in your house?? While your shoes may not be the one getting you sick, reducing the spread of germs is so important, especially in the pandemic we are currently in. One way to make sure all those bothersome germs are contained is leaving your shoes at the door, but that may not always be possible. That is where we would love to help. Our mats allow you to trap those pesky germs at the door and wash and dry them away in your washer and dryer. Your door mat is the first thing touched when someone walks into your house. Think about all the places those shoes have been and all the surfaces they have touched. Let Studio 67 add some cleanliness to your entry way by putting a washable floor mat into your routine and minimizing what is brought into your home.

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