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How BOLD are you?

How BOLD are you?

Written by : Posted on October 16, 2020 : No Comments

Does your home scream neutral? Are you always one to play it safe and use soft tones? They are loved by so many because there is something special and calming about the simplicity of neutral tones. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving neutrals, but let’s talk bolds. I know you have seen those rooms with statement pieces, whether it is a colored couch, unique chair, an eclectic buffet, or any other piece that stands out. Our machine washable mats can do just that. They can provide you with a bold statement piece for your room without the commitment of a large piece of furniture.  Our color schemes vary from standard neutrals (in case you are not ready to make the leap😉) to bold and vibrant, allowing you to have a perfect fit in every room. What’s not to love? No huge commitment and much easier to clean than anything else in there! Let us help style your home, and give that room the finishing touch it needs. Happy shopping!

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