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Checking it twice!

Checking it twice!

Written by : Posted on November 25, 2020 : No Comments

Let’s talk about your Christmas list. You know, the people you leave until the VERY end to buy for because they are so difficult. Or the ones you don’t know what to buy for them, so you run out and grab a candle, or coffee cup, or over scented lotion. All the things we have an abundance of! We want to help check off your list, while also putting some savings in your wallet. For our black Friday sale, psst it has already started, we are offering 25% off! So, grab that teacher present, the present for you mom, dirty Santa, neighbor, whoever is still on your list, go ahead and grab it while they are on sale. You have until Monday, do not miss out, trust me! Our washable mats are so worth it and are sure to be a fan favorite. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to use code THANKS25 for that extra savings.

Until next time, stay clean!



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