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Can you microwave a frozen turkey?

Can you microwave a frozen turkey?

Written by : Posted on November 13, 2020 : No Comments

Thanksgiving disasters. A dropped plate, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese… on your floor! On your carpet! On your mat! Sounds like a Thanksgiving nightmare, right? Solution: Get a washable mat! That mother-in-law who thinks nothing you have is good enough or clean enough. Solution: Get a designer washable mat! Those family members who disregard your “no shoes rule”. Solution: Get a washable mat! See how easy that is? 😉 We have a solution for all of it. Do not let Thanksgiving be ruined by something that is preventable. We have super-fast shipping on all in stock items, so let us solve your Thanksgiving fiasco before it even happens! We are your behind the scenes, modern day Thanksgiving helper, you are welcome! Sit back, shop, and enjoy your holiday!

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