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Have a Splendid Weekend

Written by : Posted on April 1, 2021 : No Comments
Spring is in the AIR! Springtime brings so many special events: memorable spring break trips, colorful Easter baskets, delicious Passover dinners. Studio 67 wishes each of our valued friends and followers a splendid weekend ahead. As our treat, take 20% off your entire purchase of the world’s greatest washable rugs and door mats by entering code SPRING20 at checkout through Monday, April 5.

Customer Service on the Fly

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Looking for good advice on what mats will work for you in your home? Studio 67 is here to help. We are committed to making sure you have all the information you need to make the perfect decision. Wondering which Designer Rug will look best in your kitchen? Curious if that Whimsy Mat will fit under your front door? Wanting to create the perfect Personalized Coir Mat for your best friend’s wedding? Just contact Sammie, Kesha or Jocelyn to make more of your floor!

What’s on your To Do List this weekend?

Written by : Posted on March 12, 2021 : No Comments
What’s on your To Do List this weekend?
  1. Start your Spring Cleaning
  2. Adjust your clocks for Daylight Savings
  3. Take advantage of our 20% extra savings on Sale Mats
  4. Restock your “gift closet” with Whimsy Mats
  5. Replace worn out kitchen mats with Designer Mats
  6. Add a low profile mat at the back door
  7. Put a washable Whimsy mat under your pet food bowls
Purchase any mat featured on the SALE tab and we will give you an extra 20% off.
Use coupon code: SPRING
Offer expires Sunday, March 14. Act fast as quantities are limited!

Spring Cleaning the Right Way

Written by : Posted on March 4, 2021 : No Comments

Spring is in the air! Time for some spring cleaning. If your home includes functional Studio 67 floor mats, your spring cleaning will be less work than usual. But don’t forget to take regular care of your mats, as washing and drying them will ensure they continue to perform at 100%.

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Rose are red, some are pink, don’t let your mats stink!

Written by : Posted on February 12, 2021 : No Comments

You guys!!! It’s February! The month of love! I couldn’t even tell you why, but Valentine’s Day is easily one of my favorite holidays. We don’t play into the traditional flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinner. Heck, we don’t even go out and fight the crowd. If we are being honest, we stay home for dinner and our gift tradition is shoes! I mean who wouldn’t love shoes?? That is totally my love language! To celebrate this month of love, we are offering you 20% off any of our RED mats, including Ruby, Gingham and Red Cabana Stipes. Until the end of February, using the code LOVE. As much as I love my shoes, there is no better feeling than taking them off at the door and knowing the mat my feet touch is clean. Do not miss out on this opportunity to have the same feeling when you enter your home. Utilize our washability, you won’t regret it. Happy shopping, love bugs!

Until next time, stay clean!


Presidents’ Day is a time to Refresh Your Floor

Written by : Posted on February 10, 2021 : No Comments

Three-day holidays are a wonderful thing. Each time one comes around it brings about special feelings.  Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and vacation time. Labor Day gets the kids ready to go back to school. MLK Day is a time for reflection. And then there is Presidents’ Day. Historically, this holiday was established to pay homage to our forefathers, but in more recent times, it has become a weekend of super sales; many geared towards home improvements. One of the easiest and most beneficial home improvements you can make this weekend is with your floors. Adding beautiful new décor to your floors really makes an impact to the overall appearance of your home. But there is even more reason to invest in quality floor mats and rugs. With Studio 67 you will have designer mats and rugs that enhance cleanliness, safety and well-being. All of our mats are fully washable and dryable so you can wash the germs away. The rubber backing and reinforced edges provide safety so they will not slide across the floor or kick up. Plus, they are so durable that we guarantee them for five years! So take advantage of our Presidents’ Day Sale and fill your home with the world’s best mats!

Studio 67: Simply beautiful floor mats. Washable. Safe. Guaranteed. 

Shop now and use code TAKE15 to save throughout Presidents’ Day Weekend

Until next time, stay clean!

I don’t like to move it, move it!

Written by : Posted on December 11, 2020 : No Comments

Moving day! We all have a love hate relationship with that task. Things that normally come with it, purging your items so you have less to move. That is exactly what is happening in the Studio 67 warehouse. We are having a huge moving sale; our move is your gain. We are offering 25% off our current inventory! You read that correctly, we would rather ship it to you, than load it on the moving truck. You do not want to miss this, because once the inventory is sold out, it will be replenished after the move, at full price. Get your last-minute Christmas shopping done now or even treat yourself. I can guarantee our washable mats will be a family favorite, don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews! Click here as fast as you can! Happy shopping! Use code MOVE25 for that 25% off.

Until next time, stay clean!


Checking it twice!

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Let’s talk about your Christmas list. You know, the people you leave until the VERY end to buy for because they are so difficult. Or the ones you don’t know what to buy for them, so you run out and grab a candle, or coffee cup, or over scented lotion. All the things we have an abundance of! We want to help check off your list, while also putting some savings in your wallet. For our black Friday sale, psst it has already started, we are offering 25% off! So, grab that teacher present, the present for you mom, dirty Santa, neighbor, whoever is still on your list, go ahead and grab it while they are on sale. You have until Monday, do not miss out, trust me! Our washable mats are so worth it and are sure to be a fan favorite. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to use code THANKS25 for that extra savings.

Until next time, stay clean!


Can you microwave a frozen turkey?

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Thanksgiving disasters. A dropped plate, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese… on your floor! On your carpet! On your mat! Sounds like a Thanksgiving nightmare, right? Solution: Get a washable mat! That mother-in-law who thinks nothing you have is good enough or clean enough. Solution: Get a designer washable mat! Those family members who disregard your “no shoes rule”. Solution: Get a washable mat! See how easy that is? 😉 We have a solution for all of it. Do not let Thanksgiving be ruined by something that is preventable. We have super-fast shipping on all in stock items, so let us solve your Thanksgiving fiasco before it even happens! We are your behind the scenes, modern day Thanksgiving helper, you are welcome! Sit back, shop, and enjoy your holiday!

Until next time, stay clean!


Too early? No way, just in time!

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Ladies, let’s talk Christmas decorating! I know I am jumping the gun, we must celebrate Thanksgiving first, but we will just call it planning. As most do, I love Christmas! The decorations, the festivities, the joy it brings… it is just a happy time! This weekend as I was decorating my house (in my head), it occurred to me that Studio 67 has a wide variety of Christmas designs that would go perfectly with my decorations. I proceed to show my husband these mats and tell him how I envision the room being decorated, and like a good supporting husband, he says “whatever makes you happy”. He’s a real charmer! 😉 So as your official “Washable Mat Hype Woman”, I am here to tell you, do what makes you happy! Buy those Christmas mats! Decorate your house! Do whatever brings you joy; you will not regret it! Not only are you adding pizzazz to your home, you are getting a bonus of functionality. Check out our washable Christmas mats, there are new ones you have yet to see. I guarantee at least one design will go perfect in your home! Happy shopping!

Until next time, stay clean!