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Bathroom Business

Bathroom Business

Written by : Posted on June 26, 2020 : No Comments

Are you back at work and feeling a little blue? You were surrounded by your beautiful home, with welcoming decorations. Now it is business as usual and you have that commercial feel. We have some ways to spruce up your office, giving it less of an industrial feel and making it more welcoming. Especially since you are now spending most of your day in office. Studio 67 makes the perfect washable mats that can be added to any high traffic restroom, with the convenience of being able to wash it after a long week of that heavy traffic. We have a wide variety of designs, all being washable, so they can match any color scheme. Just adding some simple flowers to the counter and a beautiful washable mat to the floor, will put some happiness in your workplace! Take advantage of the many options we have and shop today!

Until next time, stay clean!



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