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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Three Day Weekends are the Best!

Written by : Posted on May 28, 2021 : No Comments

It doesn’t happen every year, but when it does, it makes me so happy! What I am talking about is having my birthday over a three-day holiday weekend!  Having a birthday at the end of May means having that special day land somewhere near Memorial Day Weekend. Having that extra day off from work to celebrate with friends and family is amazing! It makes me so happy that I wanted to do something nice for all of the fans of Studio 67.  For the entire Memorial Day Weekend you can take 20% off our amazing washable Designer Rugs and Whimsy Mats.  The sale also covers the amazing Personalized Mat collection! For added savings, you can also take 20% off any of our Sale Items!

But wait, there’s more! As my added gift to you, when you spend over $100, I will add a Free Mystery Mat into your order!

Use code HBD20 at checkout through Memorial Day!

Have as safe and exciting Memorial Day Weekend!


Graduation Time… and the perfect gift

Written by : Posted on May 13, 2021 : No Comments

I am a lover of social media! I love to see all of the children of my friends who are graduating from colleges and universities around the country. These young adults are now starting to embark on their journeys away from the security of their parents and into a world of taking care of themselves. Many will be on the move to new destinations to start careers in their field of study.  Others will be heading to graduate school to continue their educations.  Wherever their paths lead them, one thing is for sure… they are leaving behind the dorms, apartments, sorority and fraternity houses and starting to establish more grown up dwellings. So as you decide what to give to a recent grad, you should consider something that will last. Something that will enhance the decor of a new home. Something that is practical yet beautiful. Studio 67 offers many options that will fit all of these criteria, and more! From fun Whimsy Door Mats to classy Designer Rugs and Personalized Mats, we have you covered.  Can’t decide? We can even do gift certificates!

Make Mom Happy Every Day

Written by : Posted on May 7, 2021 : No Comments

Mothers Day is Every Day! Even if you missed the boat this year and didn’t buy your mom the perfect gift, there is no doubt that no matter the day, your mom will appreciate any token of your love. It might sound crazy, but we have the perfect gift in mind. One that will last for years. One that will make mom’s job effortless in keeping her home spotless. One that defines her taste in home decor! Send her a gift that’s on everyone’s hot list…. Our Studio 67 Designer Rugs will surely put a smile on her face. But even if you can’t get it there by Sunday, just let her know something amazing is on its way!

Washable. Safe. Guaranteed.