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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Maybe I’m just a “mat snob?”

Written by : Posted on September 18, 2020 : No Comments

Have you ever taken a vacation to a beautiful destination, and stayed in a lovely condo rental, and everything seems perfect… yet there is something amiss? While I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, I sure could put my toe on it! Yes, call me a “mat snob,” but while our lovely rental is perfect by all means, the floor mats have definitely made me cringe, to the point where I want to take them up and put them away until we leave! Where are the Studio 67 Designer Mats when you need them? I think of all the attributes of Studio 67 floor mats, and they are just not present with these so-called mats! I am a firm believer that every condo owner who rents out their accommodations should put Studio 67 mats down so that they can do all the things that they were designed to do! They do not slide all over the tile surfaces, they add so much decor panache, they do not curl up at the ends, you can put them anywhere (kitchen, hall, doorway, bathroom) and best of all, they can be WASHED in between renters! Get rid of all that sand and sunscreen buildup! Give your next guest confidence that the mats they are walking on are CLEAN and germ-free! Yes, I may be a Mat Snob, but when you are used to the BEST washable floor mats and rugs in the market, I think that this is a good thing!

Autumn Splendor

Written by : Posted on September 11, 2020 : No Comments

Hello Fall! Okay, not quite but our decorations are screaming it. You know we are all too eager when it comes to decorating. There is something about the peace it brings, unboxing all your fall colors and everything pumpkin. It brings you almost as much happiness as decorating for Christmas, almost! 😉 With fall comes a lot more outside play, bonfires, sticky marshmallows, all the crunchy leaves your heart desires, but it also means all of that inside your home. Let our washable mats help give your porch that welcoming fall feel, while also trapping the outside, and keeping it outside! Want to go the extra mile? Top it off with a faux coir to give you that layered look, add your pumpkins and mums… Voila! You have officially mastered fall! Create your fall look with us today!

Until next time, stay clean!