Geometric Design

Geometric Design

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Designs We Dig: Geometric

Straight lines, bold colors, repeating pattern. These are some of the components of geometric design. And this design trend is one that’s able to fit within a wide range of styles.

(image found via Curtains Market)

Weather it’s seen on soft textiles, hard surfaces, or as a component of fine furniture design, Geometric patterning is a fantastic way to bring interest to any interior.

(image found via Zin Home)

Geometric floor mats by Studio67 provide fantastic patterning to any space, with clean lines, and are available in an array of colors.

These floor mats bring a touch of softness to hard floors with on-trend geometrics, as well as a measure of style.

The repetition of pattern in geometric design offers a streamline sense of style, combined with a bit of fun. Geometric designs work best in a contrasting color palette, such as a deep blue matched with a crisp white.

While the geometric design trend can be brought into a home in many different decor treatments, from wall coverings to bedding and even tile flooring, home decor floor mats by Studio67 are a simple way to incorporate geometric patterning in a decisive way.

(image found via Royal Design Studio)

Check out our full range of stylish geometric pattern floor mats, and so much more, in our online catalog. You’ll see so many different ways to seamlessly incorporate today’s most popular designs, including bold geometrics, into your home!




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