Studio 67 – Behind the Design with Steve McKenzie

Studio 67 – Behind the Design with Steve McKenzie

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Behind the Design with Steve McKenzie
For our inaugural line of Studio67 designer mats, we had the great opportunity to work with Steve McKenzie, of his namesake showroom and interior design business, based out of Atlanta. While we believe our Studio67 designs speak for themselves – and will hopefully be at home in your spaces – we thought it would be fun to understand a bit about what goes into designing home decor mats, and who really is behind some of our favorite designs! We hope you enjoy this fun feature, and learn more about Steve McKenzie and some of our fantastic Studio67 mat designs…

Studio67: What’s your background/how’d you get into art/design?

Steve McKenzie: I have spent my entire career in the Art and Design world. In college, I worked summers for Sherwin Williams in their research labs working on color palettes. I have designed all sorts of products including holiday decorations, custom picture frame moulding, furniture, rugs, women’s fashion, and stationary. In addition to Product Design and Interior Design I have been a painter for over 25 years.

Studio67: How would you describe your style?

Steve McKenzie: I always hope my designs have a real sense of authenticity. I am happiest with my design when there is a real tension between old and new, traditional and modern. My personal style is very international and influenced by travels and reading about different cultures. I hope though when I am designing for someone else, it reflects their taste and style.

Studio67: What inspires you most as an artist?

Steve McKenzie: I find inspiration in so many places. Other art really inspires me, as does women’s fashion. But sometimes it is how two flowers in a garden are next to each other and the color combination will inspire me. I think if you look, inspiration can be found everywhere.

Studio67: How does your inspiration translate into your designs?

Steve McKenzie: It is not a linear process. I take in a lot of inspiration and it percolates. Then, when I am painting or designing it will manifest itself in shapes, relationships and colors. The end result being a painting or a room.

Studio67: What was your first thought when you were initially approached about designing a floor mat collection?

Steve McKenzie: I had already designed a high-end rug collection for Verde Home based on my paintings, so I was familiar with rug design; although the process is more technical for Studio67. I always love the idea of designing products for the home. It was a very fun project.

Studio67: Is there a cohesive element to your designs for Studio67?

Steve McKenzie: We were very aware of the colors and patterns that are trending today. I worked to bring style to very functional rugs. Hopefully we have achieved both.

Studio67: Where do you think the Steve McKenzie designed mats work best?

Steve McKenzie: They are perfect not only for the doormats, but great for kitchens, halls, laundry rooms. Hopefully, the broad selection of designs gives everyone an option for most rooms and color schemes.

Studio67: What do you like best about Studio67 mats for the home?

Steve McKenzie: I am biased about the design, but the incredible functionality is what really sets Studio67 apart. The fact that they are washable and stain resistant are attributes you just can’t pass up.

Studio67: Give us a sneak peek into a space you would design around your favorite Studio67 mat (just a short description :-))…

Steve McKenzie: I am crazy about the Hex Blue pattern. I think a white kitchen with marble counters and floors and a blue gloss island with be beautiful with the Hex Blue runner between the island and the perimeter cabinets.

Studio67: What are some emerging design trends you think could work well for floor mats?

Steve McKenzie: I think there is more to be explored in florals and greenery. I also think more tribal patterns would be interesting as well.

Studio67: Any thoughts/advice you’d offer people looking into purchasing a Steve McKenzie designed Studio67 mat?

Steve McKenzie: This is a chance to explore pattern and color in a space affordably and not permeant. Live big and try some pattern this way.

Fantastic! And thank you to Steve for your insights into the process behind your rug design and sharing what inspires you most and what you appreciate about Studio67.
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